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Medical Collection: How To Everyday Carry With Medical Preparedness In Mind

Using Vanquest bags & packs for medical & first aid applications
Using Vanquest bags & packs for medical & first aid applications

First aid medical kit for emergency preparedness.

At Vanquest, we focus on building the toughest everyday carry (EDC) bags and packs, so it should come as no surprise that many of our users are medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, EMT’s, first responders, and search & rescuers (SAR).

Their input and feedback have helped us realize how important medical preparedness and organization can be, much like a properly packed parachute. While well-stocked medical kits are often seen, the lack of organization in these medical bags is a common issue. Not having to waste time hunting for lifesaving supplies during an emergency adds critical seconds back to the ticking clock.

At Vanquest, we believe that maintaining critical supplies in an organized, protected, and easily accessible manner is a fundamental part of any medical kit. This focus drives us to keep enhancing the accessibility and comprehensiveness of our medical bag series.

Simple everyday medical kits for minor injuries.

Not everyone requires an extensive first aid kit capable of supporting multiple people. However, having a compact kit in a small organizer for simple scrapes and cuts is essential.

Being the smallest of our pocket organizers, PPM-SLIM pouch is a popular starting point for those who just need a basic ‘Boo-Boo’ kit in their everyday carry. A slightly more comprehensive setup includes larger dressings and common over-the-counter medications, which fit well into one of our larger organizer pouches such as the EDCM-HUSKY or EDCM-HUGE pouches, offering the ideal first step of building and carrying your first aid supplies.

If you travel often, you might want to keep more personally specific supplies and larger format items in an easily identifiable pouch, like our first responder red-colored FTIM 6×9 organizer. Keeping a basic medical kit in your backpack or car ensures you’re prepared for minor injuries that may arise.

First Aid Trauma Pack (FATPack) medical pouches for injuries.

Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs) used to be something primarily carried by special weapons and tactics (SWAT), search & rescue medics, wildland firefighters, and soldiers entering combat zones. However, we now see the widespread adoption of this essential and life-saving kit by a diverse range of individuals, including cyclists, hikers, hunters, and those enjoying outdoor activities.

With a focus on trauma medical supplies, our First Aid Trauma Pack (FATPack) series pouches offer compact and organized solutions. With three sizes available for your medical needs, you can easily build a compact range kit with a FATPack 4X6 to keep in your everyday bag, or a first aid kit with a FATPack 5X8 to go onto your hiking backpack, or a family-sized medical kit with a FATPack 7X10 to keep in your vehicle. These pouches have been refined over the years based on extensive feedback from medical professionals, ensuring they can withstand harsh conditions where reliable medical gear is crucial.

Comprehensive multiple-person trauma kits for your family and team.

When a major disaster strikes and overwhelms local emergency management agencies and healthcare systems, these incidents are referred to as Mass Casualty Incidents (MCIs). If you have the skills and anticipate your local emergency medical services may be overwhelmed, you may assemble your own MCI kit to assist those affected when such events happen.

Drawing inspiration from the our popular FATPack (First Aid Trauma Pack) pouches, we proudly introduce the FATPack-Pro medical backpack. These purpose-built bags represent our most comprehensive and versatile medical packs to date. Through years of close collaboration with emergency medical professionals, we have meticulously designed these packs to serve as true trauma medicine bags. They offer ample space to accommodate a wide range of gear while remaining organized, modular, and exceptionally durable.

As a side note, the FATPack-Pro medical backpack is also popular among the overland and off-road community since it can double as a multi-purpose utensil/toiletry/tool kit in your vehicle during your outdoor adventures.

Tourniquet holder and medical patches: quick access & clear ID for life-saving supplies.

In an emergency, quick access to lifesaving medical supplies is crucial. Tourniquet has been used to stop major bleeding since the Middle Ages, and with a great selection of these modern lifesavers, you can address a trauma with significant bleeding with prior training. When you apply a tourniquet early, it can save lives, and to do that, you must always have one with you.

Our TQ-1 Tourniquet Holder provides a compact and sturdy solution for most medical & combat-approved tourniquets (TQs). This pouch also accommodates a pair of shears, gloves, and a marker. With the ability to mount the TQ-1 Holder to MOLLE surfaces or external attachment points, you can ensure that your tourniquet is always within reach. It’s the perfect addition to larger First Aid kits or for those who need to carry additional gear.

To further enhance your medical preparedness, we offer a variety of glow-In-the-dark medical patches that allow you to clearly identify your medical kits. From universally recognized medical crosses to MED patches and blood types, you can now easily distinguish your medical gear from other organizer pouches. This ensures that you can quickly identify the right kit when time is of the essence.

Final thoughts…

Excellent medical organization is critical when every second counts. At Vanquest, we have been building rugged bags and packs since 2011, and we are committed to improving/expanding our medical bag series to users of all skill levels. Many of our long-time users are medical professionals and first responders, and they trust their Vanquest bags due to their comprehensive, protective, and quick-access designs.

The Vanquest medical series is always ready for your medical and emergency preparedness needs. Remember, when you are well organized and prepared, you won’t get caught flat-footed when seconds count.