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Health & Safety

The flu season has been in full swing, and many are concerned about not just the flu, but the newest virus making global headlines- Coronavirus.

Also known as COVID-19, Coronavirus epicenter began in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, where it is believed that the virus has made a jump from infecting animals (primarily bats) to people. Those where were initially infected are said to have direct contact with live seafood and fish markets in the area. Shortly thereafter, person to person infections began to be reported and has spread somewhat aggressively.

Preventative Actions

What can we do to stay safe and healthy? We have a few tips that will help keep you and your loved ones from contracting not just COVID-19 but a multitude of viruses this flu season.

First, the CDC recommends to take preventative actions provided you are not already sick in some capacity.

1.Getting the flu shot will give you an edge in not contracting the common flu. Many health care providers offer free flu shots to members and various pharmacies offer discounted flu shots so the convenience and access to one should be a simple step at preventing any infection.

2. Avoiding close contact with others who may be sick will lower your chances of contracting anything. Shaking someone’s hand who is sick is the easiest way to spread any germs.

3. Washing your hands to ensure you don’t pickup any unwanted germs or pass any along. Arguably the easiest way to stop the spread of germs that everyone can do.

4. Covering your mouth when coughing. Often times, its young kids who are the culprits that spread germs in public places because they don’t cover their mouths when coughing.

5. Stay home and get a checkup! It’s not worth potentially infecting the entire office. Do your best at keeping your germs away from those who are healthy, and get to a medical professional who can get you proper treatment.

We also recommend keeping some supplies around to help disinfect surfaces and regularly handled items. Disinfectant wipes and sprays will work on most surfaces. Rubbing alcohol for any scrapes and cuts can kill germs and viruses (90% rubbing alcohol would be ideal) and hand sanitizer for quick clean ups while out and about. Many also wear a facemask when going to public places that could be potential hazards for infection.

We put together a response kit together inside a few packs to show how you can keep you and your loved ones safe this season. Simple items like disinfectant wipes and spray, rubbing alcohol, and masks to prevent the spread of any viruses.

Stay safe this flu season and take some simple precautions to keep yourself and others healthy!