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Gear Customization!

Gear Customization!

When it comes to creating packs that are well constructed and offer highly effective organization we strive to offer the absolute best quality possible. Something that we take into consideration is how our customers will actually use the gear and what applications we can reasonably expect them to be used for. But, not one size fits all and that’s why we are talking about bag mods! 

Making a bag your own is part of the fun of having gear! First, you gotta pick a color!! This largely comes to personal preference and functional applications as well. Is this an EDC bag? Then get any color your heart desires. But, if you want to blend into an office setting then MultiCam Black might not be the ideal choice. Are you going camping or hunting? Then Coyote Tan might be a better choice to help blend in with the surroundings. Pick a color that fits your needs and personality!

Customizing your Loadout!

How can we keep our morale up? Patches!! External (or internal) loop material will give you a surface to put patches. Be they informative, entertaining, or functional these little bits of hook backed material makes personalizing your packs infinitely more fun! Holograms, jokes, blood types and brand logos can cover the bags and spark up conversation or just make finding your pack on the baggage claim carousel easier. You don’t need to stop at patches however, there are tons of hook and loop accessories that give you more functionality and custom organization.

Don’t forget about molle! Without this simple but highly efficient way of attaching additional items to your pack we wouldn’t have quick access med kits, add on bottle organization, or extra room for gear when your pack needs it. Molle gives us the ability to create a custom loadout perfect for your daily or anticipated needs, with the added benefit of being able to remove an accessory when it’s not needed.

An easy and quick change that also can help make access to vital gear easier and quicker is adding different color zipper pulls. Spartan Zipper Pulls can be removed and replaced to provide contrast so finding the main compartment zipper easier, or to show what pocket has medical gear inside.

Something we see every now and then, but is less common is adding elastic shock cord to your pack! Almost all of our packs, including the Urban Series, have lashing points which you can feed elastic cord (or paracord/cordage) to create a net for storing large or bulky items. Managing a wet jacket or umbrella is that much easier and for pennies on the dollar it is highly effective.

The best part of having great gear is really making it your own. Our bags are designed to be set up in the exact way you need it and effectively organize whatever hear you keep with you! Customization plays a big part of that and should be celebrated! Show us your custom rigs!