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Background image for This Is How The Coolest “Dad Bag” Looks Like!

This Is How The Coolest “Dad Bag” Looks Like!

And let us show you how to pack one…
And let us show you how to pack one…

Building a versatile “Dad Bag” is easier than you think…

As many of us at Vanquest are bag enthusiasts, we want to bring the toughest bags to meet your everyday carry (EDC) needs. We know many of you are moms and dads who want a durable bag (or bags) that accommodate your growing family, with the capacity to store all your family’s essentials on the go. We understand how important baby bottles, baby formula, diapers, food, and other everyday items are when caring for your young child. While many of you use the KATARA-16 for urban EDC, or the TRIDENT-21 for travel, or the IBEX-35 backpack for hiking, the bag that many of you have considered the most versatile for dad is the ADDAX-25 backpack.

Why is ADDAX-25 the perfect “Dad Bag”?

The ADDAX-25 backpack makes the perfect “Dad Bag” because of its versatility and organization. ADDAX-25 is low profile, versatile, and organized for your child’s everyday carry needs. This adaptable bag grows with you and your family as there are options for expansion for important items that are essential for being secured (such as onesies, jackets, and pants). While packing your everyday gear can remain somewhat consistent, the baby’s needs change as they get older, and items are greatly influenced by the location you travel to. ADDAX-25 offers flexibility, allowing you easy access to switch out items as quickly as needed.

Add organizer pouches for your baby essentials

Can organizing diapers be fun? Why not?! You can organize your baby items in the ADDAX-25 with STICKY Packing Cubes that can be attached to the loop lining of the main compartment. Babies can be messy, and sometimes a mid-day wardrobe change is necessary. These packing cubes are handy for storing diapers, food, toys, onesies, a light jacket, and pants. These cubes can be easily oriented vertically for quick access and removal.

We understand that your family may have specific needs for certain situations, and that is why we also offer EDCM & PPM organizer pouches that can further maximize your organizational needs with ADDAX-25.

Use computer compartment for changing station & more

What about your changing station? Bringing a changing pad can be a lifesaver for you. A changing pad fits into the laptop compartment of the ADDAX. A spare nursing cover also lives in the back tablet sleeve. You can keep a few burp rags and toys in the main compartment’s top mesh pocket for quick cleanups and fun distractions. By the way, the computer compartment is loop-lined, and compatible with our hook-&-loop / CCW accessories.

All your fun EDC essentials still have a home

Hook-backed pouches turn the inside of any loop-lined bag into a highly customized system. For example, STICKY PACKING CUBES come in five sizes and are expandable to allow for bulky items to be compressed. Our STICKY ADMIN pouch provides both a zippered pouch and an admin organization for your EDC essentials. Or you can use a MOHL-Air panel to convert ANY MOLLE-compatible pouches into a hook-backed pouch! These pouches are great for those who are particular about organization, or those who want to keep access to their gear fast. Perfect for the anybody who cares about staying organized & prepared.

Final thoughts…

As bag enthusiasts and parents, we are proud to offer you the ADDAX as the foundation as a Dad Bag. The backpack itself is already highly functional and organized. Throw in a few extra STICKY CUBES and organizers, you just got yourself a perfect Dad Bag in less than 10 minutes!