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Revisiting The BOB


Alright, we know everyone is tired of hearing about the CoronaVirus. At this point we all should be somewhat aware that this virus has sparked a lot of turmoil in society, and it has us thinking it’s a good idea to revisit the concept of keeping a good Bug-Out Bag handy.

In a previous series of newsletters, we covered the main points that we feel should be a priority when being forced to “bug out”. Water, shelter, food, a knife, fire, clothing, signaling, first aid, and a way to keep your mind occupied were the items we chose to prioritize and keep organized in a high quality pack should we ever need to get out of dodge. Some of our favorite bags to set up for a Bug-Out Bag are the IBEX-26, IBEX-35, and the MARKHOR-45.

These packs offer good amounts of volume for gear organization that is customizable. The main compartment sports a loop lined molle panel. This panel is perfect for molle pouches or velcro accessories. Because you can position these accessories in various orientations, you can set up your gear exactly where you need it for quick access or for maximum organization! There are also side loop panels for additional hook and loop accessories to manage gear, ToughMesh zippered pockets for smaller items, and a sleeve to keep hydration bladders secure.

Externally, there are two side molle panels made from Hypalon to give you additional storage capabilities or to mount items like a flashlight or knife sheath. The side pockets are also hydration bladder capable, have expandable volume for a bottle, and have a loop panel for additional velcro attachments to give you even more gear management.

What about something more compact? How about a knife sheath and a rip away pouch? When using a MOHL-Air panel, we have a couple tips to make using them easier. First, we usually slide all the anchor wraps onto the PALS webbing on our organizer, with the loop side facing outward, then attach the panel. It’s usually a little tricky to slide the anchor wraps through the webbing if one is already mounted to the panel and organizer. Facing the loop outward will also allow you to have more exposed hook once the anchor wraps are connected to the panel. The second tip is to position the anchor wraps as wide as possible. This helps the panel remain more stable while attached. We personally like to cut the panels down to size, to make it cleaner but it is not necessary. You can also turn molle webbing into a rip away panel with two MOHL-Air panels (or one cut in half!)

We put together a belt survival kit by using the Chicago screws from this kydex sheath, removing the elastic retention from the MOHL-Web, and attaching the panel to the back of the sheath. Then we mounted a PPM Slim to a MOHL-Air and you have a quick rip away pouch with all your essentials.

We know these times of uncertainty can cause unavoidable stress and anxiety. With businesses closing, stores scarce with basic supplies, and the fear of contracting a serious illness, it may be worth the peace of mind to revamp your bug out bag!