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Professional Series: How To Make These Durable Packs Your Work Companions

Military-grade ruggedness and trusted by professionals since 2011
Military-grade ruggedness and trusted by professionals since 2011

The Professional Series is built tough from the start.

Founded in 2011, the Vanquest Team comprises outdoor gear designers, photographers, and former founding members of Maxpedition. Since then, we have been building the toughest bags and packs for everyday carry (EDC), helping users stay organized and prepared.

Our original product line is the Professional Series of bags and packs made of durable Cordura Nylon 6,6, a military-grade fabric that we still use today on most products. From messenger bags, backpacks and sling bags, we expanded to encompass medical packs, organizer pouches, and other accessories to ensure you’re well-prepared for your everyday adventures.

From the beginning, we’ve listened to your feedback to help deliver products built for professional users’ needs. Hearing directly from users in emergency medical service, law enforcement agencies, and military service, we know our bags must withstand frequent use in the harshest conditions. We use the most durable parts for our Professional Series to give you a durable and reliable pack. Today our products are in use with state and federal agencies such as the US Marshals, DEA, FBI, and the US Secret Service.

Durable and functional backpacks keep you focused on the job at hand.

To help you conquer your daily tasks, we designed our first backpacks, the TRIDENT series, to provide best-in-class organization and ample space for organizers and various kits. They are fully padded with dividers to protect and organize your valuable belongings and sensitive equipment.

For everyday carry (EDC), the TRIDENT-21 backpack provides considerable space for your daily carry essentials. With water bottle, CCW and laptop support built in this pack is the right size for a trusty companion. If you’re carrying heavier loads, the TRIDENT-32 backpack offers upgraded suspension system with a rigid frame that ensures optimal weight distribution. The ventilated mesh back panel enhances breathability with well-padded shoulder straps and a pull-forward waist belt provides ergonomic support for heavier loads.

If you are into outdoor activities, we offer the IBEX backpack series with ergonomic suspension systems to support your needs. The smaller IBEX-26 backpack features a padded waist belt that excels at transferring weight to your hips. The larger IBEX-35 backpack features adjustable shoulder yoke to move up or down to suit your height.

For the ultimate challenges, the MARKHOR-45 features our most advanced features, such as an internal polycarbonate frame, an adjustable shoulder harness for torso fit, a padded waist belt, and ventilated mesh for breathability. These elements work together to provide comfort and support, allowing you to stay focused on your mission. Over the years, the MARKHOR-45 has earned the trust of many professional users from emergency services and search & rescue due to its functionality and rugged construction quality.

Versatile messenger & sling bags give you quick access to your daily carry.

Messenger and sling bags offer quick access to your everyday essentials with ease, and single-shoulder carry enthusiasts appreciate these versatile styles, which are ideal for office, school, photography, or travel.

The ENVOY messenger bags have been one of our original designs since 2011. Over the years, we have taken its organization to the next level with high-visibility loop lining, foam padding and admin organization. For road warriors or office goers who prefer single shoulder carry, the ENVOY-13 and ENVOY-17 messenger bags are built to make your everyday organization a breeze.

KATARA-16 sling backpack was designed to fill a hybrid role of a compact daily backpack that converts into a sling pack. This gives users the ability to choose how they want to access and carry essentials like a tablet or provide quick access to the hidden compartment for your hook & loop accessories.

If you need a loop-lined main compartment with padded dividers, then consider the convertible JAVELIN-18 sling backpack. Storage compartments for laptop/tablet plus high-level organizing pockets for everyday carry (EDC) or travel essentials.

Medical and first aid pouches designed by first responders and everyday users.

To help you stay organized and prepared, we also work with emergency medical service professionals to design our medical first aid packs. The modern Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) is now a commonly carried piece of lifesaving kit that can be custom loaded and staged to your specifications with vital medical supplies and kept close by for emergencies.

Starting with a focus on trauma medical supplies, our First Aid Trauma Pack (FATPack) series pouches offer compact and organized solutions. You can create a compact range kit in a FATPack 4X6, a hiking first aid kit with a FATPack 5X8, or a family-sized kit in a FATPack 7X10 for your vehicle. These pouches have been refined over the years based on feedback from medical professionals, ensuring they withstand harsh conditions where reliability is crucial.

Inspired by the success of the FATPack pouches, we introduce the FATPack-Pro medical backpack. These purpose-built bags represent our most versatile and comprehensive medical packs to date. Collaborating closely with emergency medical professionals to deliver ample space to accommodate a wide range of gear, while remaining organized, modular, and highly durable.

In an emergency, quick access to life-saving medical gear is essential. Our TQ-1 Tourniquet Holder provides a compact and sturdy solution for most medical and combat-approved tourniquets (TQs). This pouch also accommodates a pair of shears, gloves, and a Sharpie.

Reliable bags and packs for tactical, military and law enforcement users.

We have been working with state and federal agency professionals since day one, and our Professional Series is designed to support their missions. Many of our backpacks and messenger bags have storage for hook & loop/CCW support, laptops, water bottles, hydration bladders, radios, and tools. Law enforcement, military, and CCW users can discreetly carry items inside configurable hook & loop compartments.

Durable backpacks like the TRIDENT-32IBEX-35, and the MARKHOR-45 are staples for those working in law enforcement, armed services, and emergency medical services who need durable and reliable gear they can count on. The MARKHOR-45 backpack can also support a rifle/bow or mission-specific items with its built-in system for tool management, making it a great Search and Rescue pack.

The RACKIT-36 rifle case is designed for discreet carry and accommodates a rifle/carbine along with other hook & loop accessories and first-aid pouches. The RACKIT-36 is one of the top choices for our protective detail clients.

Organizers and pouches for efficient storage and organization.

By far, the most common item our customers start their ‘road to Zen organization’ with is our organizer pouches. Offering best-in-class storage using our offset ‘Maximizer’ webbing and carefully tested materials, these organizers are efficient storage options to keep your everyday supplies in check.

For example, you can build a battery charging kit using the PPM-SLIM pouch with different cables, batteries, wall adapter, USB drives etc. For larger everyday items, the EDCM-HUSKY pouch serves as a mini tool chest, providing secure storage. You can also use the EDCM-HUGE or the STICKY-CUBE Small packing cube to build a toiletry kit for your travel, so you are always ready for your adventures!

Another popular pouch is the FTIM 5X7 and FTIM 6X9 which offer front pull down opening like our FATPack medical pouches, giving you tons of usable storage for your taller items. These are popular for hybrid first aid/trauma medical loadouts or hygiene kits offering great storage with quick access.

Final thoughts…

In conclusion, the Professional Series offers rugged Cordura-constructed bags that are durable and functional for everyday carry, earning the trust of agency professionals such as the US Marshals, DEA, FBI, and US Secret Service.

Our backpacks provide discreet carry options and customization, while messenger and sling bags offer quick access. Working in collaboration with medical professionals, we have developed our medical pouches to provide fast access and industry-leading organization. Finally, our organizer pouches offer top-notch storage for everyday supplies. Choose the Vanquest Professional Series for confidence in even the toughest conditions during your everyday adventures.