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Photography Bags

Photography: Our Favorite Hobby

We’ve mentioned this before, but both co-founders of Vanquest are avid photographers. It’s a pastime that many working here enjoy and have a passion for. We’re lucky to have the ability to incorporate photography into our work. Naturally, we have taken this into account when designing products. While our packs aren’t unfamiliar to government agencies or operators, those very same bags find themselves on the backs of many photographers and videographers. So, how did we get from military load-outs to video shoots? Pretty easy actually!

The first pack that is a great option for photography gear is the TRIDENT series of backpacks (pictured above). The main body of the pack is fully padded using closed cell foam (hint, every large pack is padded) and protects electronic gear very well. The main compartment is fully lined with loop material (the soft part of velcro) so we include padded dividers to make adjustable storage pockets for camera bodies, lenses, flashes, and other accessories. External pockets provide organization for smaller items like batteries, lens caps, SD card wallets or quick release plates. You can also use the side bottle pocket to hold a tripod. Don’t forget there’s a hydration bladder/CCW pocket that can hold a tablet and a dedicated laptop sleeve in the main compartment. There are two sizes, the TRIDENT-21 and TRIDENT-32, so depending on if you have a compact mirrorless set up, or medium format film there will be a pack with just the right amount of volume.

Let’s assume not everyone wants a backpack (Blasphemy!) All we’re saying is that messenger bags are awesome packs for your tech gear! The ENVOY series is a fully padded, loop-lined bag that lets you create the same adjustable organization using padded dividers. This customization makes protecting your gear easy and efficient, speeding up your workflow between swapping lenses or changing out cards. Messenger bags also tend to be more compact, making them ideal for commuters or bikers. We also have two sizes, once again allowing for different gear configurations to be accounted for.

What if you already have a pack you really like, but wish it could be used for your camera gear? We also have that covered! The Drop-In Organizer is a padded tote that has hook panels on the bottom, allowing it to be inserted into a pack that has loop panels on the side to keep it in place. The inside are padded and dividers once again give you adjustable pockets for different sized lenses or camera bodies. There are also zippered pockets to give you additional organization for smaller items. We like to throw this into the IBEX-35, making it a perfect pack to hike out all your photography gear, with some room to spare for other outdoor gear. Throw a Hydra bottle holder on the side, and you can carry your tripod with you!

Your turn! Show us your loadouts!