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Overland Collection: How To Gear Up For Your Next Rugged Overland & Off-Road Adventure

Built for challenging terrains with unmatched durability & functionality
Built for challenging terrains with unmatched durability & functionality

Gear up for rugged overland & off-road adventures!

If you’re an overlanding enthusiast or an off-road aficionado, you probably have met the Vanquest Team at overland events, such as the Overland Expo, over the years, and you understand the unique challenges that come with these activities. For example, unpredictable weather and a rough environment can all pose challenges to your gear.

At Vanquest, we take pride in crafting the toughest bags and packs for everyday carry, empowering our users to stay organized and prepared for any adventure. There are many important things to consider when choosing reliable bags for your next overland adventure. For example, organizations, styles, and carry comforts can all affect our next overlanding experience.

Today, we will explore how Vanquest bags, renowned for their unrivaled organization and durability, can be the perfect companion for your overlanding and off-road pursuits.

Toughest materials and bags built to withstand the elements.

When venturing off-road, it’s crucial to have gear that can withstand the toughest conditions. No one wants to experience gear failure while navigating rocky trails, traversing muddy tracks, or crossing streams.

Since our founding in 2011, we have understood your challenges because many of our early customers were agencies and military users, such as USSCOM (Special Operations Command) and the FBI. These professional users demand the toughest bags and packs for their jobs.

Vanquest bags are built to excel in these challenging conditions. Constructed with the most durable materials, such as military-grade Cordura Nylon-66 fabric and YKK zippers, our bags are designed to endure the harshest terrains and resist abrasions, tears, and water. Combined with quality hardware by Duraflex and ITW, your Vanquest bags are built to last. Do a quick search of “Vanquest torture test” on YouTube, and check out the quality comparisons, you will see how our bags stack up against others.

Whether you choose a larger pack from the backpack series, or small organizer pouches to build modular kits, you can rest assured that we use the same quality parts, materials, and construction across our product lineup. With our commitment to quality and durability, you can focus on enjoying your adventure without worrying about the safety of your equipment.

Unmatched comfort and organization for your off-road experience.

We at Vanquest have been driven by user feedback since our founding in 2011. Through collaboration with our military and outdoor clients, we ensure that our bags are not only practical but also user-friendly, particularly when it comes to comfort and gear organization.

Ergonomics and comfort take center stage in the design of our products. We prioritize ergonomic design, ensuring key products, such as backpacks, are comfortable with ventilated mesh for prolonged use. The shoulder straps and back panels of our backpacks feature ample padding, reducing strain on the shoulders and back. Moreover, larger multiday backpacks such as the MARKHOR-45 and IBEX-35 have adjustable shoulder harnesses to fit your torso height and padded waist belts that evenly distribute weight, elevating overall comfort.

Storage and organization-wise, we incorporate a range of thoughtful features: Our design includes numerous high-visibility pockets, compartments, and MOLLE/PALS webbing, facilitating efficient gear arrangement and access. Our offset & staggered ‘Maximizer’ structure found in our organizer pouches increases storage efficiency by 15%+ compared to others. From the smallest PPM-SLIM up to the largest EDCM-HUGE organizer, our organizational layout ensures the most efficient use of space.

Many of our larger bags are also padded with foam dividers for protection and customizable organization. For example, our TRIDENT-21 backpackJAVELIN-18 sling backpack, or ENVOY-17 messenger. This organization system helps you keep your everyday essentials neatly sorted, making it easier to find your belongings quickly without rummaging through the bag.

Choose a rugged backpack & case as your main setup for your overlanding adventures.

A durable backpack should be the center of any overland/off-road enthusiasts’ core setup due to its versatility and comfort when you need to get out of your vehicle to explore or travel on foot for any reason.

For example, many of you are using the TRIDENT-21 or TRIDENT-32 backpack due to their ruggedness and organization. These backpacks offer exceptional versatility, featuring padded bodies and foam dividers that allow you to neatly arrange your essential supplies and overland equipment.

A small daypack such as the KATARA-16 or JAVELIN-18 backpack can also allow you to explore the surroundings with only your essentials. All our backpacks are hydration compatible (water bottle or bladder ready) and let you travel comfortably for miles when needed.

You can also consider a padded case with great organization as a stationary setup. Messenger bags such as the ENVOY-17 or GOFER-15 messenger bags are popular options. Throw in a few foam dividers and you get a fully customized case for your next overland adventure.

Organize to the finest details with MOLLE & hook-and-loop

What about smaller items, tools, toiletries, and utensils? Sometimes you want these common items to be easily accessible in plain sight for quick access. In that case, a few thoughtfully designed organizer pouches, whether they come in a standalone format or feature MOLLE compatibility for seat-back organization will be more practical than keeping them inside of your backpacks.

Many of you have built a variety of tool kits, survival kits, toiletry kits, and kitchen kits using our organizer pouches and FATPack-Pro packs. We offer a wide variety of MOLLE pouches for kit building. If you just need something small, a PPM-SLIM may be enough. If you are building a personal toiletry kit, you may want to look at EDCM-SLIM or EDCM-HUGE pouches.

For a family or group, many of you have used the FATPACK-Pro Large as your toiletry or kitchen setup due to its versatile design with removable modular inserts, a convenient clamshell open setup, and a MOLLE-compatible design. You can remove the internal inserts and replace them with other hook-and-loop organizers or inserts to meet your specific needs.

Our hook-and-look accessories can also be used on any loop surface in your vehicle or bags. If you need a few expandable packing cubes, throw in a STICKY CUBE Small or STICKY CUBE Medium. If you need an admin organization, throw in a STICKY ADMIN 5X7. The configuration is endless and only limited by your imagination.

Add a first aid medical setup for unexpected medical emergencies.

Finally, your overland adventure preparation would not be complete without a medical preparedness plan. When engaging in remote and adventurous activities, having a reliable medical kit within reach can be crucial in addressing emergencies and injuries promptly. Besides, you may be miles away from the nearest town or medical facility where help can be located.

Vanquest has collaborated with various agencies to enhance our medical organizer offerings. From local police departments to the US State Department, our first aid medical pouches are trusted by medical professionals and people in the fields.

For instance, many of you rely on our medical pouches such as the FATPacks (first aid trauma packs) as your medical setup for overland and off-road activities. These pouches offer a secure and organized way to carry essential medical supplies during your adventures. FATPack 4X6 and FATPack 5X8 pouches are perfectly suited for individual first aid kits (IFAK), while the larger FATPack 7X10 and the largest FATPack-Pro packs are ideal for groups and vehicles.

Like all Vanquest products, these medical pouches and bags are purpose-built with durable materials, compartments for medical supplies, and MOLLE webbing for attaching to other surfaces or backpacks, providing peace of mind and readiness for any potential medical emergencies that may arise during your adventures.

Final thoughts…

We have had the pleasure of meeting many outstanding folks in the community over the years, and our goal is to enhance your overlanding and off-road experiences to new heights, ensuring that you are always well-prepared for your next adventure.

When it comes to choosing the most rugged and well-organized bag for your overlanding and off-road activities, the Vanquest Team is here to help. Our commitment to quality, durability, and the community sets us apart.

Regardless of where you find yourself on your journey, rest assured that your everyday essentials are well protected.

Embrace the challenges of overlanding and off-roading with Vanquest bags and packs by your side. Experience the strength of our rugged backpacks, and set out on unforgettable journeys with confidence and peace of mind.