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Minimalist Everyday Carry

Compact EDC Set-up

When it comes to EDC, we all have very unique preferences and needs. As a photographer, I prioritize having a padded pack with adjustable dividers and ideally a pocket I can quickly access for memory cards and batteries. Some just want a small pack that can fit a tool kit and a water bottle. Others want to carry an SRB and extra ammo. While every individual and situation is different, we have been trying to lighten your load and create new minimalist and compact EDC options that are perfect for the gym, a morning walk with the dog, or an afternoon at the pool.

The concept of going minimalist has been popular in the last several years, and for good reason. Those new to EDC can focus on just the important items first, it makes organization simpler, and can make moving around with all your gear easier. While having every possible scenario covered in terms of what gear to keep with you is nice, it doesn’t translate to being practical. We set out to create a practical solution for the minimalist in all of us. The Dendrite and the Carbide are two of our newest offerings that give you compact options for your EDC gear.

First up, the Dendrite! If you asked us in 2011 if we were going to make a hip/fanny pack we probably would have said, never! But, times and people change. With that, so do the trends and we see huge functionality in the classic hip pack. Ours will let you keep your phone, keys, a multitool, and even a sidearm with room to spare. Put together a small first aid kit to have easily accessible on a bike ride or run. For those who might want to carry a larger sidearm and an extra mag or two there are a couple sizes of the Dendrite to accommodate a little bit more gear.

What if you need slightly more room with admin organization for everyday use? The Carbide is an everyday carry admin pack that is ideal for the office or school, daily errands, or anyone who likes to keep their tech close when they need it. There is a front admin panel perfect for pens and other various EDC items as well as a loop panel that is compatible with hook & loop (velcro) accessories. This is perfect for customizing your organization to manage your gear exactly how you need it. The middle pocket is padded with zippered pockets for charging cables and a netbook/tablet compartment. A rear compartment also sports a loop lined padded pocket for tablets and is CCW compatible. The Carbide can also be used as a backpack or sling to give you more options!

Your turn! Show us your loadouts!!