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IBEX-35 Overnight System

Our Favorite Overnight Kit!

With summer cooling down, and many areas opening up from closures it’s about time we talk about one of our favorite set ups for hiking and camping, the Ibex-35! There are a handful of items we add onto an Ibex-35 to create an effective system for an overnight hiking trip. We won’t cover all the items you may need so please ensure you pack the essentials for a pleasant and comfortable night!

The star of the show is the Ibex-35 backpack, as it’s a great choice for size and capability. Key features are its well padded waist belt that helps keep the load on your hips rather than shoulders. Making actual hiking and moving comfortable and efficient. There are also sewn in webbing loops to clip on accessories or smaller pieces of gear. Adjustable height shoulder straps which let you perfectly position the waist belt and keep the top load managed to distribute the weight. The shoulder straps also have load adjusters to bring the weight closer to your spine and center of gravity. This makes carrying heavier loads easier and helps prevent fatigue on the body. Outside of the pack, there are multiple molle attachment points for expanding volume or for managing larger/bulky pieces of gear. In terms of overall capability, it checks off the list very well!

On its own, the Ibex-35 could probably get you through a night in the woods pretty well. But we like to add a few extras that make the experience that much better! The first item is the FATPack. The FATPack is a first aid trauma pack and whenever we go out on a hike or camping trip, there is usually a first aid kit within sight (or at least inside the packs on our backs). Usually the FATPack 5×8 is our go to, its size gives you enough room for the basics of both a “boo-boo kit” and trauma supplies for potentially more serious injuries. This medical kit sits on the side of the Ibex using the hypalon molle panel and is attached with Molle Sticks. Please seek out medical training if you plan to be prepared enough to have a medical kit with you and to use it on yourself or others! For supplies, we use Urban Medical Gear for the items inside the FATPacks (They also sell them fully stocked).

If you already have medical gear covered, but still want just a bit more space for various items or a dump pouch when practicing LNT, then using an ISOPOD is just the ticket! The ISOPOD is made from Cordura fabric and folds up into a small package when not needed. You can easily throw in a nalgene bottle, Jet Boil cooking systems, or even hammock camping kits! This pouch also attaches using side molle webbing and Molle Sticks. All our pouches are molle compatible so pre-existing attachment systems that are molle compatible will work!

An item that gives users more flexibility than they might realize is the Hydra Bottle Holder. With molle straps integrated into the design, you don’t need to purchase anything else and you get a secure way to hold a bottle on the side of your pack. Since the Hydra is adjustable, it is capable of holding much more than just a bottle! Aside from fitting almost any bottle on the market, we’ve put green propane tanks for camping stoves, lanterns, jackets and even fire extinguishers on the side of a pack. You’re only limited by your imagination and creativity!

This last external accessory allows for organization of longer tools. The Elasto Gear Locks attach to the vertical webbing on the front side of the pack to give a connection point for shovels, hiking poles, or even skis. In combination with the gear loops on the bottom of the pack, you can attach the head of an axe (or similarly shaped items) in the loop, and use the Elasto Gear Lock to secure the handle. This makes bringing tools for clearing a campsite or storing hiking poles on flat trails quick and simple. Also not a bad way to store a piece of rope!

The internal main compartment of the pack has just as much organization and capability. There is a Molle-Air panel back panel, that allows you to use both molle and hook and loop accessories. Depending on the items you plan on bringing with you and the way you want to pack your items there are a couple more accessories we use.

First is the Sticky Cube, since packing cubes make bringing clothing easy and organized in a single package, we like to use one to store an extra set of shirts and shorts, though this may not always be necessary depending on the season. For lighter weight items, you can use the MOHL-Web to attach to the Molle-Air panel to hold a lightweight jacket, stuff sack with snacks, or a dopp kit. If you have a couple small accessories that just don’t have a place in the bag, the Sticky Panel will give you one. Keeping small items like a multitool, pocketknife, or an external power supply easily accessible, and you can position exactly where you want it with hook and loop.

Well, I didn’t expect this to be as long as it ended up… But, that is just so you have all the facts about our favorite overnight set up! Staying prepared and ready for anything is always a top priority and we want to ensure your success along that journey! Send us photos of your overnight set up!