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How To Build Your “Dad Bag” For Baby Duty

Check out the 2024 daddy diaper bag buildout guide
Check out the 2024 daddy diaper bag buildout guide

Building a versatile “Dad Bag” is easier than you think.

As many of us at Vanquest are bag enthusiasts, we want to bring the toughest bags to meet your everyday carry (EDC) needs. We know many of you are moms and dads who want durable bag(s) that can accommodate your growing family, with the capacity to store all your family’s essentials on the go. We understand how important baby bottles, baby formula, diapers, food, and other everyday items are when caring for your young child.

The ideal candidate for a good 'Dad Bag,' also known as a diaper bag, should blend in with your activities and surroundings, so choose an urban-friendly design. Having enough space and a comfortable suspension for all-day wear is key to a fun-filled outing. Choosing a weatherproof pack with durable materials keeps stains and messes manageable, ensuring long-lasting reliability. For these reasons, we see many of you selecting the ADDAX-25 backpack. Let’s explore this versatile baby bag option.

Why is ADDAX-25 backpack the perfect “Dad Bag”?

The ADDAX-25 backpack makes the perfect 'Dad Bag' because of its versatility and organization. The ADDAX is low profile, versatile, and organized to meet your child’s everyday mobile needs. This adaptable bag grows with you and your family, offering options for expansion to secure essential items such as onesies, jackets, and pants. While packing your everyday gear may remain somewhat consistent, the baby's needs change as they grow older, and the required items are greatly influenced by the travel destination. The ADDAX’s 25-liter volume and organization offer flexibility, allowing you easy access to switch out items as needed. As time passes, the bag's role and user can transition to meet your growing child’s need for a reliable school and activity bag.

If you are wondering why the smaller ADDAX-18 liter backpack doesn’t receive the same attention despite having the exact same features, we have found that more people prefer the 25-liter volume for their Dad duty bag.

Add organizer pouches for your baby essentials.

Can organizing diapers be fun? Why not?! You can organize your baby items in the ADDAX-25 with an expandable STICKY Cube Small that can be attached to the loop lining of the main compartment. Babies can be messy, and sometimes a mid-day wardrobe change is necessary. These packing cubes are handy for storing diapers, food, toys, onesies, a light jacket, and pants. These cubes can be easily oriented vertically or horizontally for quick access and removal, in 5 convenient sizes (XS to XL).

We understand that your family may have specific needs for certain situations, and we offer pouches to further maximize your organizational needs. Small handy ones like the PPM-SLIM Organizer in bright Red are perfect for creating a baby 'Boo-boo' kit, containing small first aid items for minor cuts and scrapes, as well as any baby-specific medicine or special care items. Alternatively, the larger EDCM-SLIM Organizer can keep easily lost small items and toys safe, along with a spare compact towel and some snacks to keep you sane while juggling parenthood.

Pro Tips: Computer Compartment Changing Station and Loop Lining.

What about your changing station? Bringing a changing pad can be a lifesaver for you. A changing pad fits perfectly into the laptop compartment of the ADDAX-25. A spare nursing cover also resides in the back tablet sleeve, with a sturdy weatherproof zipper to keep out moisture and dirt. You can keep a few burp rags and toys in the main compartment’s top mesh pocket for quick cleanups and fun distractions.

Both the computer compartment and the main compartment are loop-lined, meaning you can add a spare pocket or hook-backed organizer where needed with the STICKY Admin Pouch 5x7. This small flat organizer can be placed wherever you need to stash a few daily essentials. Having this level of customization available using Hook and Loop accessories makes organizing and keeping track of baby gear feel a little less like a traveling circus act.

Color code Dads diaper bag: Quick and easy access to everyday carry essentials.

You can color code the contents of each pocket with different color Spartan Zipper pulls this is a lifesaver when communicating with your partner or family about the location of items. Referring to 'the pocket with the blue zippers' is much faster than describing other details. Don’t forget a Prepper Color Coding Refill, to help you sort pouches and pockets with fun colored strips of hook and loop.

The external top pocket holds your kids' essentials such as sanitizer, a spare pacifier, and a facemask for easy access. For dad, the front bottom pocket can keep your personal gear condensed and separated from the rest of the pack, like a mini everyday carry toolkit built into a Pocket Quiver 3x4. Since this is Dad's diaper duty bag, don’t forget your favorite flashlight, tools, sunscreen, and a spare pocket knife!

Final thoughts…

The ADDAX-25 backpack is your kid-tested and parent-friendly choice for dads seeking a versatile and organized solution for their parenting needs.

Its adaptable design accommodates the evolving requirements of childcare, offering ample space and convenient organization for essentials like diapers, toys, and wipes. Its loop-lined compartments can be taken to the next level with expandable cubes and organizers, enhancing accessibility and efficiency, ensuring that dads can navigate their parenting duties with ease.

With its durability, functionality, and customizable options, the ADDAX-25 proves to be more than just a diaper bag but a trusted companion for fathers and parents anywhere.