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Hook And Loop 101: How To Use Hook-And-Loop For Customization?

How to efficiently organize your everyday gear with hook and loop.
How to efficiently organize your everyday gear with hook and loop.

Get in the loop on hook & loop!

Did you know that the name “Velcro” came from the French words “velour” and “crochet” (meaning velvet and hook) in the 1950s? The hook and loop fastener is a two-part system, invented by “Velcro” (note that “Velcro” is a brand name). 

One side of the fastener is called the “hook” (the scratchy side covered in tiny hooks), and it sticks to the other side called the “loop” (the soft side covered with fuzzy loops). When pressed together, the bond is strong and reusable, making it great for closures or attaching organizer panels.

Hook & loop is often used in outdoor products. In fact, most of the larger bags we make have a loop panel on the outside, and additional loop lining internally for user customization. Today, let’s explore the incredible possibilities that this simple yet powerful fabric can offer.

External loop panel for customization, identification, and fun.

The external loop panels on our bags serve as more than just a surface for morale patches. They allow you to customize and identify your gear in a fun and functional way.  You can use patches to mark specific pockets within your pack for medical gear or quickly accessible everyday items. Additionally, you can express your personality and showcase your interests with your favorite patches. The possibilities are endless, making it a fantastic way to add a personal touch to your Vanquest bag.

Efficient internal protection & organization with padded dividers.

Internally, hook & loop opens a world of dynamic organization systems. The most common way to take advantage of this is with padded foam dividers.  Many of our larger bags, including the TRIDENT-21 & TRIDENT-32 backpacks, or GOFER-15 messenger, come with dividers. These dividers can interconnect to each other in many ways. By creating individual sections with these dividers, you can easily find your gear and provide crucial protection for delicate electronics like camera equipment. Many users, especially photographers, also acquire additional dividers to create custom pockets and divisions for their gear. It’s the perfect solution for keeping everything in its designated place.

Convenient internal organization with hook & loop pouches and admin accessories.

Sometimes, you need additional storage in the main compartment of your pack. Enter the STICKY PANEL 2X7 and STICKY ADMIN 5X7! They’re the perfect solution for items like tangled-up cables, pens, or flashlights that don’t have a permanent home in your pack. Other times, you can simply add a STICKY CUBE-Small packing cube to create an instant zippered pocket wherever loop panels are available, allowing you to make the most of your pack’s storage potential.

And don’t forget about the handy and lightweight MOHL-Air panel, which can convert any MOLLE pouch (such as PPM-SLIM & EDCM-HUSKY organizers) into hook-and-loop ready pouches. There’s also the MOHL-Web panel, which adds elastic web retention to any loop surface.

Secure your CCW and more with hook & loop accessories.

For those who have legal permits to carry concealed (CCW), our CCW Holder is designed to securely accommodate your needs. These accessories provide a surface for mounting your CCW and magazines like the CCW-PLUS-MAG in the perfect orientation for quick and efficient access. Keep in mind that these accessories are not just limited to CCWs; their ability to wrap around items in any orientation makes them ideal for carrying small to medium items or securing your important everyday essentials.

Final thoughts…

Hook and loop accessories are an essential expansion of your bags and packs. Our mission is to help you stay organized and prepared for anything. Now, we want to see how you use hook and loop accessories to enhance the efficiency of your everyday carry setup! We look forward to seeing your innovative uses and creative solutions. Together, let’s unlock our full potential and take gear organization to new heights!