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Hook & Loop 101

“Sticky” Panels

Something we include in almost all of our products, but don’t really talk much about is hook and loop compatibility. Almost every large bag that we make has a loop panel on the outside and more loop lining internally, but why? Let’s see what this simple yet very dynamic fabric allows for!

Externally, loop panels are great to give you a spot for morale patches. These can be functional, or just for fun but either route you go the external loop panel is a simple way to customize your gear for your daily needs. Sometimes you just want a silly patch to start a conversation or express your interests in a hobby. Other times you want it to show your blood type in an emergency. We use patches to help locate what pocket in the pack has medical gear or what side the zipper is kept on for quicker access.

Internally, there are almost an infinite amount of ways to use hook and loop as a system to organize and manage your gear. One of the most common ways to take advantage of this is with padded dividers. We include dividers with a number of large bags, but also have them as stand alone products. The ability to create individual sections for various items or organizers can make finding gear much easier and faster, as well as provide protection to delicate or sensitive electronics.

Maybe you find yourself using the main compartment of the pack a lot, wishing there was a spot for a small item that would be convenient to grab while in the main compartment. Enter the Sticky Panel! It’s a perfect solution for those tangled up cables, pens, or flashlights that sometimes don’t have a specific place in your pack, but you want easy access to. Other times you could have an open space in your pack that doesn’t have anything taking up room, but you want to use the pack to its fullest potential. Throw in a Sticky Cube to give you an instant zippered pocket anywhere loop panels are available.

Of course, many CCW accessories for off body carry are hook and loop. This gives you a surface to mount a sidearm and spare mags in the perfect orientation. But, those CCW accessories aren’t just for a sidearm. Their functionality of wrapping around an item in any orientation makes them great for carrying oddly shaped items or to position regularly used pieces of gear conveniently.

Fun fact, while most people would call it Velcro, but that is actually a name brand for hook and loop. Now it’s your turn! Show us how you use hook and loop to make your bags more efficent!