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Help! Which Pack Is Right For Me?

Helpful guide to finding your ideal carry bag.
Helpful guide to finding your ideal carry bag.

Choose a pack that fits your everyday essentials and lifestyle.

How much pack you need depends on your lifestyle and what you carry every day. It starts with understanding your personal items and how they are best secured and easily accessible for you. To make bag sizing easier, we include the volume capacity in liters in the names of our backpacks, such as the KATARA-16, a 16-liter backpack, and the laptop size for messenger bags like the ENVOY-13, which fits up to a 13” laptop.

By making a thoughtful choice, you can efficiently pack your belongings, maintain organization, and have the flexibility to move around comfortably, all while ensuring that your pack suits your specific daily needs. Whether it’s for Everyday Carry (EDC), commuting to work, multi-day travel, or camping in a remote location far away, it’s good to know there are bags to accommodate you for any environment you find yourself in.

Everyday-sized bags deliver maximum functionality.

Everyday-sized packs are the most used bags in our daily lives. They come in just the right size for our everyday carry (EDC) needs. A well-organized and functional daypack can help you keep your daily essentials organized and secured, making each day a little more predictable knowing you have everything important with you.

A sling backpack like the KATARA-16 or JAVELIN-18 are great options for everyday carry and qualify as a personal-sized item on most airlines. If you want something with more room and carry features, the TRIDENT-21 backpack designed for quick side access is a favorite choice of our prepared users. If you need a durable messenger bag, we have the ENVOY-17, a mobile office that remains flexible for those on the go. All these bags are MOLLE-compatible, and loop-lined for further expansion with hook & loop accessories.

Urban style packs for everyday work & commute.

For those who commute and work in urban environments, prioritizing a low-profile appearance while maintaining great style may be your top concern. It is essential to securely carry your personal items and stay prepared for anything that may occur outside the comfort of your home. Carrying your work or school items in a low-profile & great-looking backpack like the ADDAX-18/ADDAX-25 is ideal in an urban setting.

If you prefer a smaller, personal, and adaptable form of organization, the DENDRITE-Large sling bag combines great style with flexibility for items like wallets, keys, phones, snacks, and small electronics. If a messenger is your style, the GOFER-15 messenger bag includes padded dividers, supports up to a 15” laptop, and might just be the right pack for your daily commute.

Larger backpacks for weekend & multi-day travel.

Traveling is fun and exciting, especially when you have all your well-organized essentials with you. The foundation for traveling with ease is knowing all your belongings are safely stored.

For a shorter weekend trip, the TRIDENT-21 / ADDAX-25 backpacks are perfect with their low profile and everyday functionality. Wherever you go, both bags can securely hold your clothing, electronics, and weekend essentials for fun.

For longer multi-day travel, the TRIDENT-32 / IBEX-35 backpacks are the ultimate choices. While TRIDENT-32 offers excellent organization and quick side access, IBEX-35 offers a clamshell-open design for quick access to toiletries and clothes. They are MOLLE compatible with inside loop lining for further expansion with hook & loop accessories.

High-volume backpacks for outdoor adventures.

Exploring the great outdoors means you need a pack that can handle the elements and extra cargo. We know how important it is to be ready for anything during your adventure, so picking a thoughtfully designed backpack with a large volume should be your top priority.

Our most advanced outdoor backpacks are the IBEX-35 and MARKHOR-45. Both bags feature generous padding in the shoulder straps and lumbar support, with an internal frame designed to ensure comfortable carrying of heavy loads. The back panel uses ventilated mesh to give breathability and reduce sweating. The yoke height is adjustable, giving you the ability to adjust the backpack according to your height. These packs have loop lining and are ready to be setup to your preference by taking advantage of the many hook-and-loop accessories to build out your perfect pack.

Final thoughts…

Choosing the right pack is crucial for your daily needs, whether it’s for everyday carry, urban commuting, or outdoor adventures. Understanding your lifestyle and volume requirements is the first step. 

Urban environments benefit from low-profile and stylish backpacks that keep your items secure. Medium-capacity bags are perfect for weekend getaways, while multiday backpacks are ideal for longer travels. Our larger backpacks provide comfort, durability, and customization for outdoor enthusiasts.

Having the right pack prepares you for your everyday adventures, making your journeys more enjoyable and worry-free. Let us help you find your perfect companion today!