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Everyday Carry Collection: Toughest Bags & Packs For Your Everyday Essentials

5 Simple tips to stay organized & prepared on your everyday adventures!
5 Simple tips to stay organized & prepared on your everyday adventures!

Toughest bags & packs built for your everyday carry (EDC).

Your everyday carry (EDC) is made up of the items you often use and need to get you through your normal day, plus a couple extras usually for emergencies. This list can vary from person to person, but often is a selection of gear, tools and personal items you find helpful every day and tend to carry with you out of habit. Regardless of what items you need with you daily, carrying those items is essential to staying prepared for the day ahead.

At Vanquest, we design products with our users’ input and feedback along the way. Making the toughest bags and packs is just half of the equation, keeping you prepared and organized with your daily items at the ready is what happens when we listen to you. There isn’t a perfect pack, or a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone, so let’s see some great everyday carry options.

Smaller daypacks to help you stay ready throughout the day.

Having a comfortable backpack gives you the most options to carry and manage capacity. More room means more flexibility with your everyday carry items, and it can potentially help you stay more prepared. A daypack is on the smaller side of the spectrum (25 liters or less) and offers just enough space for your most-used everyday essentials without the bulk.

When we first designed the KATARA-16 sling backpack, it was meant to fill a hybrid role of a daypack-sized backpack that can be turned into a sling. This gives users the ability to choose how they want to access and carry their everyday items like a tablet and tool kits. At 16 liters, KATARA-16 is the perfect size for a day trip or short hike when the weather is perfect!

The TRIDENT-21 backpack gives you plenty of space for organizers and various kits. Its body is padded and includes divider pads for you to store camera gear or make organizer shelves in the bag. The breathable mesh back panel and frame distribute weight across the padded shoulder straps for comfortable all-day carry.

A minimalist business casual backpack for everyday carry.

Over the years, we have received numerous requests for a line of bags and packs that combine effective organization with a more refined, non-tactical appearance from our loyal fans around the world.

To meet this challenge we created the Urban Series with a sleek design and minimalist style to enhance your everyday carry lifestyle while seamlessly blending into home, office, and school settings. With modular customization options, these bags and packs are versatile companions for your urban adventures.

In a more formal setting like school or an office, a sleek and unassuming bag fits in better than a camo tactical backpack with MOLLE webbing. That’s exactly why we created the ADDAX-18 and ADDAX-25 backpack. Combining business casual looks with excellent organization, modular loop lining and a dedicated tech sleeve to keep a laptop/tablet with extra room for a folder or notepad. There are many loop-lined surfaces for hook-and-loop accessories / CCW. With the Urban Series, we help you find the perfect balance between durability, organization, and style, helping you blend into your surroundings.

Small cross-body sling bags give you extra room for everyday items.

Cross-body sling bags are very popular. The reason is simple: we are using them as an extension of our pockets. We’ve heard many Vanquest users tell us they are getting a smaller pack, so they won’t overload it with too much gear. Having a small daily bag without the bulk and footprint of a large pack is the solution for always having only the most essential items with you.

Personal sized accessory slings like the DENDRITE Large and DENDRITE Small sling bag are perfect to keep all of your daily necessities close on your body and stay organized during your entire trip. Having the option to swing the pack to your front for security and quick access is a useful benefit when traveling abroad or in crowded places.

If you are looking for more capacity, we got you covered too: The MOBIUS Sling Bag has been called a “sling toolbox“ and offers an ambidextrous design for comfortable left or right-side carry. The built-in organization gives you fast access to your medical items during an emergency. Two collapsible water bottle holders with elastic retention fit 1-liter bottles, and its durable Cordura construction protects your belongings from the elements.

Classic messenger bags with excellent organization for your EDC.

Your EDC options wouldn’t be complete without a highly capable messenger bag. Customers love messenger bags because of their versatility for different uses such as office, school, photo, video, or travel. These versatile bags offer admin organization compartments for your small EDC items, and you can customize the organization with padded dividers and hook & loop accessories for more flexibility.

For bike commuters or office warriors who prefer single shoulder carry, the ENVOY-13 and ENVOY-17 messenger bags are built to make your everyday carry organization a breeze. The ENVOY messenger bags have been one of our original products since 2011, and over the years, we have taken its organization to the next level with high-visibility loop lining, foam padding and admin organization.

On the other hand, the GOFER-12 & GOFER-15 Messenger Bags are our Urban Series adaptation of the popular ENVOY series messengers. If you are looking for a low-profile office option, the GOFER messenger bags comfortably accommodate a 12” or 15” laptop while providing ample space for books, folders, photography gear, and drink containers.

Purpose-built organizers & pouches to keep you prepared 24/7!

If you enjoy switching your everyday carry bags based on trips and seasons, you may want to pre-assemble a few organizer kits for different purposes. Maybe you’ve returned home from a late plane ride and need to transition from your travel bag to your work bag, it’s as simple as moving over a couple of those pre-made organizer pouches.

For example, you can build a battery charging kit using the PPM-SLIM pouch with different cables, batteries, wall adapter, USB drives etc. For larger everyday items, the EDCM-HUSKY pouch serves as a mini tool chest, providing secure storage. You can also use the STICKY-CUBE Small packing cube or EDCM-HUGE pouch to build a toiletry kit for your travel, so you are always ready for your adventures!

Finally, your everyday carry setup is not complete without a kit for medical emergencies! An Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) is essential for emergencies and should be included in your everyday carry bag. These premade pouch kits, such as the compact first aid trauma pack FATPack 4×6 or the well-liked FATPack 5×8, offer a convenient option. You can equip them with a basic first aid kit along with essential trauma supplies like a tourniquet, ensuring you’re prepared to address medical needs effectively.

Final thoughts…

At Vanquest, our job is to listen and understand what helps you on your everyday carry journey. Whether you prefer smaller daypacks, business casual backpacks, cross-body sling bags, or messenger bags, there’s something for everyone.

Ultimately, your needs will dictate what pack is ideal to keep you organized and prepared for your everyday adventure, and our team is always here to help you elevate your everyday carry experience.