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EDC Series Pt. 1

EDC Champions!

EDC Champions!

When it comes to everyday carry gear, we are a bit nerdy and enjoy seeing what gear people keep and carry with them. This gear can be the normal pocket knife, flashlight, pens etc. others are much more specialized and from a niche industry that is rarely seen outside its intended use. Regardless of what items you need with you on a daily basis, carrying those items is essential to staying prepared for the day ahead.

This got my gears turning and I wanted to put together a series of articles showing off combinations of our gear and how we use them to make highly capable and modular packs. These ideas are not just internal concepts, but recommendations from our customers and close friends who use our products daily as well!

Gotta Carry Em All!

The first set up that is highly capable, and provides users with incredibly useful space as well as clear organization is the IBEX-26. We’ve talked about the Ibex before, but this pack is a great mid-sized bag that is comfortable holding your hiking gear, photography set up, or your office EDC. Because of its versatility I wanted to highlight this bag first in the series. Let’s talk about the layout and how to customize it for anything you can throw its way!

There’s a top pocket to organize smaller items, and access into the main compartment with a passthrough. Two side pockets offer storage for slim water bottles or bladders with hydration hose support, as well as loop fields and slip pockets for smaller gear. We also include hypalon webbing in the side for molle accessories and elastic cord on the front panel for extra gear management.

Gotta Carry Em All!

Opening the main compartment reveals a large molle air panel that provides both hook and loop real estate as well as attachment for molle accessories. Behind this panel is a sleeve, perfect for laptops or hydration bladders. The side panels have large loop fields and the front supports zippered pockets and additional loop fields. This is where we are going to start with adding a few additional products to set the IBEX up to be a true EDC champ!

First item we like to add is a sticky panel 2×3 to the side loop panel. Small items are easily managed in the elastic webbing and because it uses the hook backing to mount to the pack it can be positioned in any orientation. If you need a little more space, then the 2×7 will give you the same great organization for more surface area to work with!

Carry water bottles on the side of your backpacks

Many people need admin organization for the items they bring to school or the office everyday. And for this we add the sticky admin pouch 5×7! This pouch provides both elastic admin organization as well as a zippered pouch, so a wide array of items can fit in a small footprint.

One more internal accessory that is invaluable to keep items in their place is the Sticky Cube Packing Cubes! These expandable pouches are perfect to manage a wide range of gear and are very lightweight. Hook backing lets you position them in the perfect spot for access, or to help organize larger amounts of gear. And, with 5 sizes available it will be hard to say there is a cube that won’t help keep your kit together!

Now, there are a few items that we add to the outside of the pack to make them a little more capable. The first and arguably most important is the Hydra bottle holder. Aside from keeping a bottle handy, it can support a ton of different gear. Tripods, umbrellas, bottles, fuel tanks, campaign stoves etc. It’s truly a piece of gear we add to every one of our packs!

The last item that is worth mentioning is the ISOPOD. And, this seemingly simple product is one of the most handy items we add onto the side of our packs for any adventure! Instantly add volume that folds away when not necessary and at only 3oz, it’s hard to beat the capability of removable and durable space!