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Don’t Shoot The Messenger

It’s easy to get caught up in features and designs of different packs. Some have removable straps, others use molle systems for organization, and a few even have solar powered USB chargers built in. Backpacks have a way of evolving to create trends for ever changing demographics. But, today we want to showcase a great and capable pack that can often be overlooked, the messenger bag.

Messenger bags are a great choice for the techy on the go, long days at school, or the plane ride back home. Our messengers can be set up for any kind of organizational need or use. Be it for work, school, medical, photography, or the range, they are functional packs with almost endless uses. Large main compartments store folders, computers and books, while the front admin panel keeps smaller EDC items easily accessible.

Versatility in Design

Messenger bags also look great in almost any setting. They are at home in the jungles of South America or on the linoleum floor of a college classroom. With a multitude of accessories to create a perfectly organized bag, it’s no wonder they are consistently a top seller and gives users more flexibility in their daily life.

Single shoulder packs also give end users the ability to quickly swing the pack into position to access their gear easily or to move the pack to a favorable position in tight spaces like elevators or in line at the coffee shop. We also offer an additional shoulder strap specifically meant to move the bag to a more vertical position. This is a popular choice for bike commuters.

Many of our packs, including the messenger bags are fully loop lined. Meaning you can easily attach hook and loop accessories like CCW holsters or organizers to the inside of the bag and keep them secure and give you custom organization.

Next time you find yourself looking for a bag that can handle school, work, or the range (maybe even all three!) then the messenger bag can give you the organization and convenience you’ve been looking for!