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Customize Your Perfect Pack In 4 Easy Steps

Pro tips for customization: set up your everyday bag the way you like!
Pro tips for customization: set up your everyday bag the way you like!

Customizing your favorite pack is functional and fun.

We all have our favorite pack that we proudly carry around every day. However, since no bag is perfect, what can we do to make your bag look and work better? Well, customizing it and adding some accessories can be a good start. Customizing your pack depending on your needs and liking can be both useful and fun. Additionally, you can express your personality and showcase your interests or support with your favorite patches. Each step you take to dial in your carry bag to best fit your needs and personal style gets you closer to your perfect daily companion.

Through careful customization, you can build a pack with your own flair and organization, add external accessories, or provide critical support for carry gear where needed, plus make a quick refence guide for your daily carry items.

Add patches and hook-backed organization to make it yours.

Morale patches can be functional, informative, and entertaining. From a fun patch at the airport, to a glowing medical MED patch in the wilderness, they can increase visibility for you and others or quick identification of contents. Patches can be placed outside or inside as a display of what is important for you and your carrying needs. You also don’t need to stop at patches; there are tons of hook-and-loop accessories that give you more functionality and custom organization for your loop-lined backpack or bag.

For instance, the STICKY CUBE-Small is a game-changer for those who prioritize organization. Available in five sizes (XS to XL), these cubes expand to accommodate bulky items and effortlessly adhere to any loop-lined surface.

Our handy STICKY ADMIN pouch offers both a zippered pouch and a flat admin organization panel for your everyday carry (EDC) essentials. If you need a few small items, grab a STICKY PANEL 2X3 to add a multi-tool, flashlight, or marker wherever you find a loop surface.

Expand your carry options with MOLLE pouches & accessories.

Taking advantage of the modular system originally created for military packs, MOLLE gives us the ability to add MOLLE-compatible accessories and remove them when not needed. Having the ability to create a custom loadout is perfect for everyday carry needs and for critical situations. Our users love the easy to use and highly durable MOLLE Sticks, to help expand their carry system as needed.

For example, your favorite organizer pouches, medical pouches, and HYDRA bottle holder are all MOLLE-compatible, and you can easily add them to your favorite pack for additional functionality.

If you carry hiking poles, an axe, shovel, or other tools we understand how important it is for the security and accessibility of those needed essentials. ELASTO Gear Locks can go on any 1″ webbing and MOLLE spaced webbing and secure these long items you carry. You can quickly lock/unlock an ELASTO Lock with one hand.

Get a grip with hook-and-loop accessories inside your pack.

To ensure that your essential tools stay positioned and ready to use, we have created a series of hook-and-loop accessories for internal gear management. We use extra-durable and grippy Hypalon rubber, elastic straps, and hook-backed panels for ideal placement inside your pack with loop lining.

For those who have legal permits for a carry concealed weapon (CCW), our CCW Holder is designed to securely accommodate your needs. These accessories provide a surface for mounting your CCW and magazines such as the CCW-PLUS-MAG in your preferred orientation for quick and efficient access. Keep in mind that these accessories are not just limited to CCWs; their ability to securely grip items makes them ideal for carrying small to medium-sized gear or securing your important everyday essentials.

Identify content with color-coded zipper pulls and patches.

Color-coded zipper pulls can help you quickly identify your supplies stored in any pocket. For example, you can use red to indicate medical supplies, use orange for important items, and use blue for toiletries. SPARTAN zipper pulls are durable, removable, and come in different colors. These useful color zipper pulls provide great contrast for identifying items you carry or a secure grip and pull for gloves, jacket zippers etc.

Taking organization, a step further is our Prepper Color Coding kit, a complete system with a color key reference patch, and ten colored hook-and-loop strips for the most necessary categories in emergency preparedness. These colored hook-and-loop strips provide quick reference for your gear, saving you precious time and the headache of searching your entire pack.

Final thoughts…

Customizing is not just about personalization, it’s also about enhancing functionality for your lifestyle needs. With the right accessories, you can create a pack that suits your needs, and ensures everything you need is easily accessible. Your favorite pack can become your perfect daily companion through careful customization and the addition of helpful accessories.

Whether it’s morale patches for fun personal expression, MOLLE attachments for modular expansion, or color-coded zipper pulls for quick identification, there are endless possibilities to elevate your carry experience. So, dive into the world of customization and make your backpack truly yours, organized, and ready for any adventure.