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4 Ways Of Carrying Water In Your Backpacks

Stay hydrated on your adventures!
Stay hydrated on your adventures!

Stay hydrated while out & about!

Staying hydrated is critical when you’re out and active. At Vanquest, we design our bags and packs to support the two common ways to carry water: either a bottle or hydration bladder. No matter your carry preference, we thoughtfully built-in the hydration support that works best for you!

Carry hydration bladder system in your hiking backpack

Our largest backpack, the MARKHOR-45 includes a dedicated sleeve inside that supports hydration bladders up to 3 Liters! At the top of the sleeve, we include a hook & loop retention strap to hold the bladder upright and hose ports for easy routing onto shoulder straps. On the outside, we also include two dedicated side pockets that can fit bottles 3.5” in diameter for additional carry.

Carry water bottles on the side of your backpacks

For everyday carry (EDC), the TRIDENT-21 & TRIDENT-32 give you two water carry options: hydration bladder or bottle. The rear compartment is dedicated for a hydration bladder with hose ports. On the side, there is a built-in pocket that fits bottles 3”/3.5” in diameter respectively, using a zipper with gusseted fabric to expand. And to keep items upright and secured in this pocket, elastic retention is provided.

You can also attach the modular HYDRA Bottle Holder onto any external MOLLE webbing surface, perfect for packs without built-in hydration carry. It fits small to large bottles and adjusts for height and width; and at the top, elastic cord retention. When not in use, the HYDRA closes flat for low-profile carry.

Carry water bottles on the inside of your backpack

Sometimes, you may want to carry water bottles inside of your backpack. The ADDAX-18 & ADDAX-25 backpacks come with two bottle pockets located in the main compartment. This was done to keep the sleek, low-profile footprint of the bag. Both mesh pockets collapse, snap-closed when not in use and have elastic retention to keep your bottle or items upright in place.

Carry water bottles on the sides of your messenger bags.

The next two types of hydration pockets can be found on the sides of the ENVOY & GOFER-series messenger bags. These external pockets expand to fit bottles from 3” to 3.5” diameter and keep a low profile when not in use. The difference here is how they expand the space to store a bottle. The ENVOY uses a zipper with gusseted fabric to expand the pocket during use. While the GOFER has 4-way stretch fabric that conforms to a bottle or oddly shaped item, and naturally sits flat when not in use.

Final thoughts…

Keeping hydrated is critical for daily life and survival, especially when being active. By thoughtfully creating ways to support hydration carry, Vanquest gives you one less thing to manage when you’re on the move or preparing for your next adventure!