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4 Best Bag Ideas For Minimalist Carry 2023

Only carry what you need in a practical way!
Only carry what you need in a practical way!

Maximize your preparedness with minimalist everyday essentials

The concept of minimalist everyday carry (EDC) is to thoughtfully select and store your everyday essentials in a simpler, smaller, and organized way. We want access to practical items without the stress and clutter. Keeping all items with you to cover every scenario sounds great, yet it may not be practical. Here at Vanquest, we set out to create practical solutions for the minimalist in all of us with compact options that accommodate various lifestyles and activities. That way, you can move around with all your gear easier from home to office, and outdoors.

Cross-body sling bags for secure and compact carry

Cross-body sling bags are very popular these days. Why? Because we are using them as an extension of our pockets. Sling bags give you quick access, and let you neatly pack / secure your important items like keys, phones, multitools, and EDC knives. For example, our popular DENDRITE sling bags are easily accessible for various activities from riding a bike to running. DENDRITE’s inside loop lining can also accommodate a wide range of hook & loop accessories for additional organization & your CCW. With two sizes of carry, you can store a small first aid kit in addition to your essentials, or secure larger items with great urban style.

Everyday-size backpacks for your minimalist carry

Having a comfortable backpack is another great option. More room means more flexibility with your everyday gear and it can potentially help you stay even more organized.

The ADDAX-18 / ADDAX-25 backpack has a low-profile look and is perfect for everyday urban carry. It offers flexibility with easy access to switch out items as quickly as needed, and the back compartment carries a laptop / tablet. Another great option is the KATARA-16 sling backpack. It is made of super-durable Cordura fabric and is the perfect size for your daily supplies. The KATARA can also be used as a backpack or a sling to give you more options.

Both the ADDAX & KATARA backpacks’ compartments are loop-lined for more hook & loop accessories and are CCW-compatible.

Organizer pouches for your small daily supplies & essentials

Organizer pouches are extensions of the packs that offer you a minimalist system to stay prepared. Storing small items together in an organizer makes things easy to find. Modular organization is creating your own kits for everyday carry (EDC), travel, or first aid, and moving them between your bags as needed.

A general-purpose organizer pouch can be your best friend. Our most popular organizer pouches are the EDCM / PPM & FTIM Organizers. PPM & EDCM organizers are “bi-folding” design. FTIM series organizers are “clamshell open / pull-down” design. All these organizer pouches are great for your tool kits, gear organization, and kitting together items for your minimal carry needs.

The FATPack medical pouches help you create first aid kits that keep you prepared for medical emergencies, and they give you fast access to life-saving supplies when seconds matter.

And don’t forget your wallet before going out

Do you remember the last time you left the door without your wallet just to turn around to grab it? That’s right, a wallet is another important everyday item that can be “minimized” and “optimized”. Many of our credit cards and ID cards have RFID chips for contactless pay, so we need to further safeguard them against digital theft. An ultra-slim RFID-blocking wallet that doesn’t take up much space in your pocket is the way to go.

Did you know Vanquest was one of the first everyday-carry gear companies to make RFID-blocking wallets over 10 years ago? At expos and shows, we are always proud to see your VAULT & CACHE wallets still going strong after all these years.

Final thoughts…

Staying prepared with everyday essentials has become an important goal of our carry experience. We are here to help you stay prepared for your everyday journey and unexpected adventure. With a great daypack, a sling bag, a few organizer pouches, and a good wallet, you are good to go like a champ!