Answer: It depends. Choosing a shoulder to carry a "shoulder-specific" slingpack is usually a personal preference. Whether you are right- or left-handed, you can wear a slingpack on either shoulder as long as it feels "comfortable" to you. Statistically, 70-75% of our right-handed clients opt for a left-shoulder-carry slingpack, and vice versa. There are a few things that you might want to consider when making such decision: 

(1) Is there an that you must carry on a specific shoulder? If so, you go with the opposite shoulder to carry your slingpack. 

(2) Do you have a bad shoulder? If so, please wear your slingpack on the opposite side. 

(3) Do you carry bulky item on one side hip that will interfere with shifting a slingpack to your front? The reason being, a LEFT-shoulder-carry slingpack will swing from your BACK, travel across your RIGHT hip, then to your FRONT. Therefore, if you must carry something bulky on your right-hip, please go with a right-shoulder-carry slingpack (and vice versa).

(4) Do you carry something in the bag that must be operated with a specific hand? For example, most cameras are designed for right-hand use, so a photographer might prefer the RIGHT-Shoulder version because it gives him/her better access to cameras using right hand, while allowing left hand to change lens or return the slingpack to the back.

Answer: It depends on many factors.   Statistically, about 75% of our right-handed clients go for a right-side-carry gear bag, and vice versa. 

Here are certain scenarios that you might want to consider before making a decision: 

(1) If you are right-handed, and prefer to access your gear on the same side of your dominant hand, go with a RIGHT-Side-Carry VPacker™, and vice versa (This is the MOST COMMON situation)

(2) Do you prefer to use a "cross-draw" method to access your gear? If so, carry a VPacker™ gear bag on the opposite side of your dominant hand. For example, you are right-handed, but prefer to cross-draw your CCW on the left, then go with a LEFT-Side-Carry VPacker™, and vice versa. 

(3) Is there an item that you must wear on one side of your hip / shoulder, or do you have an bad shoulder? If so, go with the other side to carry your gear bag.

Answer: The kind of knot we use on most of our zipperpulls is called "Fisherman's Bend". We have a tutorial video on YouTube that shows you how to re-tie that circular knot:

FAQ: I have a JAVELIN Right-Shoulder slingpack, so is the TRIDENT backpack designed more for right- or left-shoulder-carry?

Answer: Both. TRIDENT is a double-shoulder backpack, so unlike a single-shoulder slingpack, you wear the TRIDENT backpack on both shoulders.

FAQ: TRIDENT’s main compartment opening is asymmetrical like the JAVELINs, so is it designed more for right- or left-handed users?

Answer: Both. TRIDENT is a double-shoulder backpack, and to access your gear, you can either (1) take the entire backpack off and go through your gear like any other backpacks; or (2) swing the backpack to your front like a slingpack, and access the interior from the side zipper opening.

Because of TRIDENT’s asymmetrical design (zipper opening on top and left), you will have to first free your right shoulder, grip the grab handle on the bottom-left of the backpack with your left hand to shift the TRIDENT to your front. This motion will give you access to the backpack with its left zipper opening facing you (similar to our bestselling JAVELINs).

FAQ: What is a “Maximizer™ Organizer”, and how is it better than the other EDC organizers I have?

Answer: VANQUEST’s   Maximizer ™ is an improved organizer that “maximizes” the use of space. Our unique staggered / offset elastic loops are 15.5% more efficient in saving space than other organizer's elastic loops with shared-stitching.See diagram:  Given the items stored ( e.g. Sharpie, or flashlight)  have the same diameter, staggered / offset elastic loops on a Maximizer  (hexagon units) is 15.5% smaller than traditional elastic loops with shared-stitching (square units).

In nature, geometry of a honeycomb achieves the maximum use of space with minimum material & weight. VANQUEST® Maximizer's   offset elastic loops are like those hexagon units in a honeycomb, and that’s how we help you “MAXIMIZE” the use of space.


FAQ: How do I create a user account? I am in Australia and your system's default setting is United States, how do I go around it and create an account?

Answer:  You just need to add an item into your Shopping Cart before creating a user account. The main purpose of creating an user account is for faster checkout, tracking an order, view order history, or to create a Wish List. That's why the system requires you to add at least one item into your Shopping Cart prior to creating a user account.

FAQ: How do I choose the color of an item I want? The color I clicked on doesn't appear to be selected.

Answer: This is an anomaly with some web browsers. Just click on the swatch for the color you want and then add the item to the Shopping Cart. Once in the Shopping Cart, you can verify that the color you chose is shown there.