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Find answers to commonly asked questions about Vanquest® backpacks, accessories, and orders. Get the information you need and explore our comprehensive FAQs.

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Vanquest® backpacks, accessories, and orders. Get the information you need and explore our comprehensive FAQs.

“We are committed to bringing you exceptional products and service!”

- Vanquest Team -

You are at the right place! Find answers to commonly asked questions about Vanquest® backpacks and accessories. Get the info you need and explore our comprehensive FAQs.

The xyz product / color that I’m looking for is out of stock. Where can I get more info about it?

The best way to stay informed about the upcoming product releases, restocks and availability is to visit the Upcoming Drops page. You can also email us at or join our news updates at the bottom of our homepage.

How do I return (or make an exchange) for a product?

If your Vanquest purchase is not working for you, take advantage of our Easy 100-Day Return policy. Please visit the Returns page to start your return. For simplicity, we do not offer product exchange. You can simply return the item and order your replacement at your convenience.

Do you offer a discount to active military, law enforcement, and first responders (fire & EMS)?

Firstly, thank you for your service. Yes, we are happy to extend a discount to active military, law enforcement, and first responders (fire & EMS). We also offer discounts to group, agencies, military, law enforcement, fire & EMS purchases. Please contact us at or call us at 949-216-8880.

Due to our factory’s minimum order quantity (MOQ), our focus is to deliver the highest quality bags and packs to our broad audience. Therefore, we do not offer a true custom pack or modification service at the moment. However, we can help you personalize and accessorize your favorite bags & packs with Morale Patches, SPARTAN zipper pulls, or modular pouches. You can also share your product feedback with us at

Like any well-made piece of gear it will take care of you if you take care of it. Please find cleaning and care guides on the Product Care page.

The JAVELIN-18 & KATARA-16 backpacks can be converted from a traditional double-shoulder backpack into a single-shoulder sling bag. Choosing which shoulder to carry is a personal preference. Whether you are right- or left-handed, you can wear a sling bag on either shoulder as long as it feels comfortable to you.

About 70-75% of our right-handed users opt for a left-shoulder carry when using a sling bag (and vice versa). There are a few things to consider:

  • Is there another item that you must carry on a specific shoulder? If so, you use the opposite shoulder to carry your sling bag.
  • Do you have a bad shoulder on one side? If so, wear your sling bag on the opposite side.
  • Do you carry a bulky item on one hip that may interfere with the travel of a sling bag? For example, a left-shoulder carry sling bag will swing from your back across your right hip to your front. Therefore, if you carry something bulky on your right hip, you may want to carry your sling bag on the right shoulder (and vice versa).
  • Do you carry something that must be operated with a specific hand (like a camera)? Camera body is mostly right-hand use, so a photographer may want to carry their sling bag on the right shoulder so he/she can use the left hand to sling the bag to the front, use the right hand to grab the camera, then use the left hand to change lenses/ return the sling bag to the back.

Both. TRIDENT backpack is designed for everyone. It is a double-shoulder backpack, so you wear the TRIDENT backpack on both shoulders

For quick “on-body access”, you can quickly swing the TRIDENT to your front (using your left hand), then access your everyday gear through the S-shaped zipper opening on the left side of the backpack without taking it off.

(Or you can take the backpack off and go through it like a regular backpack, but it’s slower this way).

VANQUEST’s Maximizer™ organizer uses the Maximizer™ webbing structure similar to honeycomb geometry to “maximize” the use of space. In nature, the honeycomb geometry achieves the maximum use of space with minimum material & weight. Our unique staggered / offset elastic loops are up to 15.5% more efficient in space use than other organizers’ elastic loops with shared stitching.

See diagram: Given the items stored with the same diameter, staggered / offset elastic loops (hexagon units) are 15.5% smaller than traditional elastic loops with shared stitching (square units).

You just need to add an item to your Shopping Cart before creating a user account. The main purpose of creating an user account is for faster checkout, tracking an order, view order history, or to create a Wish List. That's why the system requires you to add at least one item to your Shopping Cart prior to creating a user account.

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