Upcoming Drops

Mark your calendar so you don't miss an important drop! These are high-demand / new-releases that we are expecting to restock in the near future. 

April 6 Drops (Shipping Now):
TQ-1 Tourniquet Holder (Black, Coyote Tan, Red, Wolf Gray)
DENDRITE-Small (Midnight Blue, Shadow Gray, Solid Black)
DENDRITE-Large (MCB, Midnight Blue, Shadow Gray, Solid Black)

April 22 Drops (Shipping Now):
ENVOY-13 Messenger Bag (Wolf Gray)
ENVOY-17 Messenger Bag (Black, Wolf Gray)
IBEX-26 Backpack (Wolf Gray)
ADDAX-25 Backpack (Shadow Gray)
FTIM 5X7 (Black, Coyote Tan, Wolf Gray)
FTIM 6X9 (Black, Coyote Tan, Wolf Gray, Red)                                        

You are welcomed to give us a call at 949-216-8880 if you have any questions. We are here to help. 

*These items are open for Pre-Order. Estimated shipping date to be determined.