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Vanquest X Spyderco Collection: The Ultimate Collab Of Toughness X Performance

Toughness x Performance for your everyday adventures. Discover the exclusive collaboration between makers of the toughest everyday bags & high-performance knives.
Toughness x Performance for your everyday adventures. Discover the exclusive collaboration between makers of the toughest everyday bags & high-performance knives.

The “Vanquest x Spyderco” Collection

Since our founding in 2011, the Vanquest team has attended numerous trade shows such as Blade Shows, SHOT Shows, USN gatherings, and more. We've noticed that many of our supporters are discerning knife collectors who prioritize quality, durability, and design above all else. Many of you have asked about the “Vanquest x Spyderco” collaboration. Today, we'd like to share the behind-the-scenes story, starting with the origins of both companies.

Origin stories of the Spyderco and Vanquest brands

Spyderco was founded in 1976 by Sal and Gail Glesser in Golden, CO. Sal noticed that many high-performance cars in the 1970s used the term “spyder/spider” to name their high-end models, which inspired the name Spyderco. This name signifies the brand’s commitment to performance, reliability, and innovation. The brand launched with the Tri-Angle Sharpmaker knife sharpener and introduced the legendary “C01 Worker” folding knife. Featuring Spyderco’s ground-breaking ‘round hole’ for one-handed opening, a pocket clip, and a serrated edge option, the “C01 Worke“” revolutionized the knife industry.

In contrast, Vanquest was established in 2011 in Orange County, CA by a small team of gear designers and photographers, including former founding members of Maxpedition—James Chuang and Alex Nunes. James, an avid knife collector and knife dealer since his college days in Taiwan, imported brands ranging from Strider and Chris Reeve, to Spyderco, Pro-Tech, and Microtech. The Vanquest team's diverse backgrounds and unwavering dedication to building durable goods are evident in their responsible sourcing of materials and craftsmanship. Our mission is simple: to create the toughest bags and packs for everyday carry (EDC), helping you stay organized and prepared.

Performance x Durability = Spyderco x Vanquest collaboration

The knife, gear, and EDC communities are like a large family. As both the Vanquest and Spyderco teams frequent the same industry trade shows, we've gotten to know each other through product sharing and work dinners.

Over the years, the Vanquest team visited Spyderco’s campus in Golden, CO, and reciprocally, the Spyderco team visited Vanquest’s headquarters in Anaheim, CA. We’ve cherished many fond memories of Spyderco’s hospitality.

In 2018, the idea of a “Spyderco x Vanquest” collaboration arose, prompting both teams to envision a project guided by Spyderco’s pursuit of performance and Vanquest’s commitment to reliability.

With the guidance of Spyderco’s Eric Glesser and Mike Janich, discussions began on the first product of the “Spyderco x Vanquest” collaboration: the Spyderco x Vanquest ENVOY-13 messenger bag.

Project #1: the “Spyderco x Vanquest” ENVOY messengers

Vanquest began in 2011 with three core products: the TRIDENT backpack, the JAVELIN sling bag, and the ENVOY messenger bag.

The ENVOY, our original cross-body messenger/attaché design, offers durability and versatility for EDC. Featuring padded organization ideal for laptops, photo equipment, video gear, and range essentials.

When discussions about the “Vanquest x Spyderco” collaboration came about, the ENVOY messenger had already established itself as a fourth-generation design, embraced by many members of the Spyderco community.

Naturally, we chose the ENVOY-13 (Gen-4) as the foundation for the first “Spyderco x Vanquest” debut in 2019. Available in black/gray and red colorways that are unmistakably “Spyderco”. In 2020, we refined the design based on customer feedback and introduced the ENVOY-17, completing the ENVOY-13/17 series within the “Spyderco x Vanquest” collection.

Project #2: the “Spyderco x Vanqeust” ADDAX backpacks

Since 2011, Vanquest products have been made from military-grade Cordura Nylon 6,6 fabrics, catering to our professional users at many state/federal agencies (e.g. FBI, Secret Service, etc.).

In January 2020, Vanquest expanded its offerings with the “Urban Series” alongside its established Cordura “Professional Series”. The Urban Series features minimalist designs with lighter-weight fabrics, appealing to those seeking Vanquest durability and organization without external expansions like MOLLE attachment.

To our surprise, even our agency users embraced the Urban Series for their work needs. The launch of the Urban Series was successful, with the ADDAX backpacks and DENDRITE sling bags leading the way.

We presented the Urban Series concept to the Spyderco team in 2020, resulting in the addition of the ADDAX-18 backpack (in “Shadow Gray” color) to the “Vanquest x Spyderco” collection in 2022/2023, despite material shortages and production delays.

The Spyderco x Vanquest ADDAX-18 backpack inherits the laser-cut loop field from previous ENVOY messenger bag designs, catering to those who love to customize their packs with patches.

More to come…

Both the Vanquest and Spyderco teams are dedicated to serving the professional and everyday-carry gear communities. We regularly participate in industry trade shows, and we invite you to visit us at one of the three Blade Shows held annually in Atlanta, Dallas, and Salt Lake City.

With Vanquest’s commitment to building the toughest everyday-carry bags, and Spyderco’s dedication to producing high-performance knives and tools, you can anticipate more exciting “Vanquest x Spyderco” collaborations in the future!