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Travel Collection: How To Travel Hassle-Free With Durable And Reliable Bags & Accessories

Find your perfect travel companion & organize your essentials the easy way!
Find your perfect travel companion & organize your essentials the easy way!

Unleash the potential of your bags & packs for effortless travel.

When it comes to traveling abroad, it can be a life-changing, memorable experience. Having the right bag or pack can make all the difference, especially when unexpected situations arise.

Whether you’re embarking on a hiking trip, planning a weekend getaway, or jetting off with just a carry-on, Vanquest offers a wide range of versatile bags and packs to suit your travel and everyday carry (EDC) needs. You can keep your essential items organized, easily accessible, and enjoy a stress-free travel experience. Here’s how to choose the ideal backpacks, organizer pouches, and packing cubes for your travel adventures.

Choose a durable & comfortable backpack for hassle-free travel.

Whether you’re hiking through heavy woods or traveling by air, you’ll want a durable pack that lets you explore with confidence and comfort. No one wants to deal with an uncomfortable backpack or experience a fabric or zipper failure while miles away from home. That’s why Vanquest prioritizes comfort and durability with long-lasting performance in all our bags and packs.

When traveling, it often involves carrying your backpack for extended periods. For comfort, we design ergonomic carry into all bags & packs, so they ride comfortably and alleviate strain on your shoulders, back, and waist. This helps you to move with ease and reduces fatigue. On backpacks like the TRIDENT-21, we use ventilated mesh on shoulder straps & back panel with airflow channels for breathability. For larger backpacks such as the IBEX-35  we include an adjustable shoulder harness/suspension system that accommodates for your torso length.

For unmatched durability, Vanquest uses military-grade Cordura fabrics, YKK zippers, and top-quality hardware. These materials have been trusted by military and outdoor users for decades due to their proven performance.

Consider the right size backpack for your travel plans.

Choosing the right-sized backpack is essential for a hassle-free travel experience. It helps you with efficient use of space, versatility for different trip lengths, and compatibility for carry-on travel. You can pack efficiently, stay organized, and enjoy freedom of movement while ensuring that your backpack is suitable for your travel plans. Consider the duration of your trip and mode of transportation when selecting a pack. To make sizing even easier, we include the volume capacity in liters in the names of our backpacks, such as the IBEX-26, which is a 26-liter bag.

On quick a day trip, the KATARA-16 sling backpack the right size for your overnight travel essentials. Inside, the main compartment fits an overnight change of clothes, and a padded sleeve holds a tablet or laptop.

For a weekend getaway, the TRIDENT-21 backpack fits 1-2 days of clothes with built-in organization for your everyday carry (EDC) or travel items. Inside there’s space for a 15” laptop/tablet and a loop-lined interior with three padded dividers for customizable pockets and sections.

For a multi-day trip or traveling by air, the TRIDENT-32 backpack is the top choice. Its rectangular shape easily fits into the airline overhead bin as a carry-on. At 32-liter capacity, there’s space for 5+ days of clothes, travel essentials, and electronics, when packed efficiently. Inside, there is full loop lining and four padded dividers to create custom pockets/sections for your load-out. The rear compartment accommodates documents/folders, or a hydration bladder.

Use cross-body sling bags for safe and secure travel.

When traveling abroad in crowded areas, or on public transportation, you’ll want to keep your bags/packs on-body and easily accessible within your sight. This helps you avoid pickpockets looking for their next target.

Cross-body sling bags like the DENDRITE-Small provide a secure solution, allowing you to carry your essentials in front of you for added security. It’s a versatile sling bag that also doubles as a secondary personal-sized bag for air travel. DENDRITE-Large is perfect for storing your daily essentials, passport, and more while on the move.

If you need additional space, consider the JAVELIN-18 sling backpack, which features laptop/tablet compartments and organizing pockets for everyday carry (EDC) or travel essentials. This backpack can easily convert from double-shoulder to single-shoulder sling carry, offering both comfort and secure on-body access.

Use organizer pouches for small items & modular efficiency.

Keeping track of small, everyday carry (EDC) essentials simplifies your travel experience, ensuring they are well-organized, protected, and preventing loss. Organizer pouches are a portable and convenient way to carry many small items securely with quick access.

Our PPM, EDCM, and FTIM series organizers are perfect for daily carry, travel, preparedness, and toiletry kits. These pouches feature maximizer webbing, keeping small items secured and easily visible.

The FATPack (First Aid Trauma Pack) series of medical pouches helps you create first aid/trauma medical kits that keep you prepared for emergencies. They give you fast access to life-saving supplies when seconds matter.

Keep in mind that modular organization is creating your own kits for everyday carry (EDC), travel, or first aid. They can be transferred into your bags/packs or use MOLLE attachments for ease of carry.

Convenient packing with efficient and expandable packing cubes.

Packing efficiently for travel helps you be mindful of what to pack, maximize the available space and save time unpacking/repacking items. Using a few packing cubes to organize your clothes and travel essentials can help make your travel experience more convenient.

The STICKY CUBES are a game-changer for efficient storage. They come in five sizes (XS to XL), expanding in volume to store your travel supplies, and easily stick to any loop-lined surface.

For example, you can tightly roll your socks and underwear in a SMALL-CUBE or T-shirts and tops in a MEDIUM-CUBE to save space. When you reach your destination, unpacking is a snap, and you can even separate dirty clothes as needed. For storing shoes, the XLARGE-CUBE keeps them separated from your other travel supplies.

Final thoughts…

Travel is a significant part of the human experience, and having the right bags and packs can greatly enhance your travel adventures. We offer a diverse range of bags and accessories designed for travel, with a focus on comfort, durability, and versatility for our users. This includes choosing the appropriately sized backpack for efficient storage and comfort, as well as carrying a versatile sling bag for secure on-body access in crowded areas. Organizing your travel essentials with pouches and packing cubes ensures that you’re always prepared for your journey. Wherever your destination takes you, make your travels memorable and hassle-free with a trusted travel companion from Vanquest.