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Stay Fresh All Day With A Toiletry Bag Kit

Organize your hygiene care products in less than 5 minutes!
Organize your hygiene care products in less than 5 minutes!

A well-organized toiletry bag keeps you fresh & ready.

Having a well-organized toiletry kit is essential for your well-being and makes you feel GREAT all day! A good toiletry kit includes anything you would use for personal care when away from the comfort of your home, or on the road. Depending on your lifestyle and activities, you can put together different toiletry kits to fit your needs. From a small daily-carry hygiene kit for work and school, to your multi-day travel toiletry bag, or even a long vacation with the entire family, putting together the right toiletry kit can be a breeze with well-designed organizers & pouches.

A small everyday hygiene kit for work & school.

Having your personal hygiene essentials with you is always critical, so you can feel fresh and ready throughout the day. Keeping a simple everyday hygiene kit is easy with a PPM-Slim maximizer organizer. Thoughtfully designed with elastic webbing & slip pockets for keeping small personal items like sanitizer, combs, clippers, compact toothbrush & dental care kits. This small toiletry organizer can discreetly store and protect your personal essentials for work, office, and school.

A medium personal toiletry bag for travel & trail.

Having your travel toiletries organized for a multi-day journey away from home is necessary for being prepared. We know how important it is to have your personal care products accessible to you, just like at home. The larger EDCM-Husky & EDCM-Huge organizers are bi-folding to organize more of your multi-day essentials. You can securely store your personal products for skin, hair, and shaving (e.g. lotions, soaps, oils, razors) so you can feel fresh when you travel or out on the trail.

A large family-size toiletry bag for EVERYONE & EVERYTHING.

When it comes to the whole family, we got you covered too! A large family toiletry kit offers a great solution for family outings, vacations, outdoor adventures, and emergency preparedness. The FATPack-Pro large medical backpack is a great all-encompassing toiletry solution. We have seen many people in the overlanding community use them in their vehicles! There’s enough room for dedicated storage areas for every family member with easy access to the interior elastic webbing and removable elastic panels. You can have a centralized location for your entire family’s toiletry items.

Remember to use the Packing Cubes!

Aside from those who prefer to neatly organize everything, sometimes we just want to take a “catch-all” approach with our toiletries (e.g. toss everything in a small bag). In that case, the expandable packing cubes can be your best friend! The STICKY CUBE Small and STICKY CUBE Medium are perfect pouches for your toiletries, hygiene, and medical kits. They are hook-backed to “stick” onto loop-lined surfaces and can expand to accommodate all your toiletries for work, school, travel, and adventure.

Final thoughts…

Can packing a toiletry bag be fun and exciting? Absolutely! We all want to stay fresh and ready when away from home, so packing a toiletry kit makes sense. Different lifestyles have different needs, and a useful daily toiletry kit only takes 5-10 minutes to put together. A well-organized toiletry bag can accompany you on journeys to work, school, travel, or any adventure. Having your favorite personal care items everywhere you go will help you stay fresh, 24/7!