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4th of July Deals

Save on your new gear for summer! Sale ends Monday 7/8/2024!

Save on your new gear for summer! Sale ends Monday 7/8/2024!

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July! Celebrate the 248th birthday of the US of A, and your independence by supporting your favorite independent gear company with summer savings on new bags and accessories!

Use promocode JULY24 at checkout & save on your entire order.

Also check out our Upcoming Drops/Back-in-Stock page for the new 2024 TEKKO, TRIDENT-21, and more. 

FREE shipping for order $99+ (US lower-48 states), we're also offering the following deals through Independence Day. Enjoy your summer adventures with new gear and memories!

Offer ends Monday 7/8/2024 @ 10AM PST.

#1: 2024 TEKKOs are HERE! With a FREE $1M patch!

Introducing the 'bigger brother' to the DENDRITEs, the TEKKO-4 & TEKKO-6 sling bags! New for 2024 Urban Series, TEKKO is a weatherproof sling bag that adapts to urban settings and your body with quick-adjust shoulder strap. Designed to organize your mobile/tech devices & daily essentials for your everyday carry (EDC) lifestyle. Weather-resistant materials and durable construction protects against the elements on your adventures.

With any TEKKO purchase, you will receive our $1M Rhino patch for FREE ($1M value)! These are the full-glow version of the rarest of our $1M rhino patch!

#2: FREE STICKY PACKING CUBE (XS) for your backpacks

With any non-fire-sale backpack, you will receive a STICKY CUBE (XS) packing cube for FREE ($21 value)!

Keep your small everyday carry (EDC) essentials secure and easily accessible wherever there is hook and loop surfaces!

#3: FREE POCKET QUIVER for orders $149+

You will receive a POCKET QUIVER 3X4 (Wolf Gray, $17 value) for FREE with any order $149+.

Keep your EDC essentials organized with this sleek and durable companion in your pocket. Perfect for pens, knives, and credit cards. Stay prepared on the go!

#4: FREE US "Battle" Flag Patches for your Organizer Pouches!

Lastly, remember to put together an organizer kit for emergencies this summer too! Any PPM, EDCM, FTIM, and FATPack organizers will come with a FREE Vanquest US "battle" Flag Patch (Wolf Gray. $9 value).

PS. Did you know flag bearers were common military positions back in the days? As the flag bearers stormed into battle, the American flag would sway behind them with the momentum, making it look like the flag was backwards as it flew. That's where the reversed US battle flag design originated from.

We cannot thank you enough for supporting the Vanquest Team over the years. Please let us know if there's anything that we can do for you. We can't wait to see these new packs on your backs!

PS. We have moved our Instagram account to "vanquestgear1". Follow us and see you there!